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Introducing Cameron Lane

Duration: 1min 06sec Views: 499 Submitted: 1 year ago
Description: The scene begins off with super hunky Blake Mitchell asking a sexy youthful chap named Cameron Mitchell all about himself. We discover out Cameron plays guitar. This Guy definitely looks the part with his tattoos and ear plugs. This Guy enjoys sex a bit coarse, but not likewise coarse and is even into flogging! We hear about his 1st time, which wasn't that lengthy agone since this chab latterly graduated high school. Blake obviously can't live without what this chab hears and in a short time the lads hands begin exploring every other. The shirts come off revealing Blake has tattoos as well, AND a rocking, hard body and GIANT uncut jock! Blake takes charge and goes down on the newbie, revealing a delicate, gorgeous pink penis. The guys exchange blowjobs and then Blake says "lets 69!" This Chab buries his face in Cameron's new, clean, glamorous white arse. The camera zooms in on Cameron engulfing and jacking Blake's handsome shlong revealing that his bracelet spells out "FUCK," letting us know..... Its about to go DOWN! Cameron plays with Blake's large, cum filled balls previous to unrolling a jo-bag ; ALL the way down I might add! Cameron acquires on his back and it's the 1st time we receive to watch Blake's muscled bubble gazoo as this guy slips his huge tool inside Cameron. When Web Camera's a-hole lastly opens absolutely, an angelic smile of pure enjoyment comes over his cherub like face. Blake's masculine, muscle constricted frame flexes as this guy takes total control showing off his spectacular topping skills. This Chab lifts Cameron onto his shlong with ease and Cameron rides it gleefully. Blake spanks Web Camera's booty with his thick, veiny hand then flips the youthful chap onto his back. One As Well As The Other knobs are rock hard and bulging. Blake's got a worthy grasp now and pounds the shit out of Cameron as his six pack ripples. Livecam is breathing enormous and throws his head back and discharges his load all over his slender, twinky abdomen. Blake is fucking the chap so hard his glasses are sliding halfway down his nose. This Chab looks like a hot Clark Kent as this guy jizzes all over Cameron's recent face, right in his throat and in the eye. Kids got worthy aim! Cameron puts the leaking penis back in his throat to make sure that guy acquires each final drop. Blake thanks the boy by handing him a towel to wipe the cum from his eye; and they say chivalry is dead.
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