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Under the Big Top

Duration: 5min 01sec Views: 428 Submitted: 8 months ago
Description: Love, longing and magic fill the air as Johnny Hands and Marcell Tykes take in a carnival on date night. Neon lights dance across their ideal faces, highlighting their handsomeness as they have pleasure on a romantic Ferris wheel, take in some shows and see the fireworks. The carnival begins to wind down and the chaps head home to make some fireworks of their own and put those to shame. They had a diminutive smack of one another’s admirable flesh on the Ferris wheel; now, back at the abode, they devour every other like dinner, giving a kiss passionately in advance of Marcell goes down to unfathomable mouth his dude’s large, thick cock. Blown away by Tykes’ technique, Johnny pulls the nice-looking chap up and plants one hell of a kiss on him whilst groping his glorious, buttery brown bubble ass. Unable to control his fleshly lust for Tykes’ caboose, Johnny whips the twink’s trousers off, smacks him on the a-hole, melons him up in the air and then, tosses the twink on the couch. Hands aims his massive hog at Tykes’ snug aperture, pressing forward untill his balls lightly skim that succulent, smooth ass. Johnny quickly amps up his slam speed to severe, smashing gazoo like the king a-hole crusher we’ve all cum to know and longing. Then, our top titan lays on the couch like a butt boss, hard schlong in hand. Tykes takes the hint and hops on, riding Johnny's raw rager like a pogo stick. Our alpha booty corporalist kicks it into high gear, hammering these hot thighs of his up at his boy’s bottom hard. Marcell comes back equally as hard, smashing his bronze backside up and down untill his engorged groin spits hawt, white gold onto his guy’s shredded abs. Johnny follows with a fuck load of leche that blasts up out of frame then, comes careening down onto his thickly muscled haunch. The rest of his rig’s sticky wrath lays strewn across Marcell’s beefy butt, looking downright charming against his marvelous brown skin.
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